3 July 2017





Greetings and welcome to Moein Al Bastaki’s July newsletter.

A hot welcome to all our fans on the second summer hot month!

We hope your summer is filled with magic, joy and sunshine! As always we are delighted to share recent news and highlights with you.

This summer months Moein Al Bastaki is crazy busy with entertainment events and and a great new Arabic show WWE Wal3ooha that take fans to the heart of the WWE Universe.


The show goes live every Thursday at 8pm (KSA) on OSN Sports Action 1 HD. So tune in to see the action or you can also check the videos at our website video gallery.


By the way, have you already tried our new WOW trick?

All magic items are waiting for you in different locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Now you can also explore the wide range of magic tricks collection at a new Dubai location – Hub Zero.


Stay tuned for amazing monthly updates, continue to master your magician techniques and remember – the magicians can make the impossible possible!..

Lots of Love and Magic,

Moein Al Bastaki

Stay tuned for amazing offers and news coming up!